Corporate Social Responsibility

At sineQN, we believe that, both as an organisation and individuals, we have a duty to act responsibly towards society and the environment.

Environment and Sustainability

We contribute to environmental protection by carefully considering the materials we use, the energy we consume and the waste we create. sineQN collaborates with environmental experts throughout the construction industry, and assist clients on green issues as part of our project management service. We ensure all of our teams are fully up-to-date with current legislation, building regulations, industry codes of practice and other applicable appropriate standards. In addition, we actively encourage and support our employees to keep well informed of new environmental technologies to allow us to better advise our clients.

Health and Safety

Providing a safe and healthy working environment is crucial for the wellbeing of our staff, and our ability to deliver. All of our staff and associates, whether based on site or within the office, benefit from stringent and effective health and safety practices. Our policy provides for training, supervision and funding that exceeds best practice in all markets.

Equality and Diversity

Diversity is at the heart of what we do. Our project management approach is based upon the principle that a team of varying experiences and differing backgrounds delivers the very best solutions for our clients. All of our people are valued and treated equally, and everyone is empowered to succeed based on their abilities. We forbid discrimination or harassment in any form. The spirit of our equality and diversity approach also applies to guests, clients, partners and suppliers.

Social and Community Involvement

sineQN is actively involved with the children’s charity Sparks.

Sparks supports clinicians and scientists who have the skills, innovation and passion to improve children’s lives forever. Since 1991, they have funded more than 285 ground-breaking research projects in over 90 hospitals, universities and research institutions across the UK and overseas. Each new project is carefully reviewed by both medical professionals and a panel of parents ensuring that they are funding high quality science as well as investing in those projects most likely to have a benefit for children and families across the UK and beyond. Every child matters – that’s why they support research into any medical condition affecting children’s health, from rare diseases to the most common illnesses.

sineQN support and encourage all of our team members to contribute time to help this cause.