Cost Management

sineQN’s cost management service is tailored to our clients specific requirements. We have experience in many sectors including technically complex projects such as data centre, corporate real estate technical infrastructure, commercial fit out and airport work.

We understand that clients need whole scheme pro-active cost management not just a snapshot of where the final account is heading.

We adopt a whole life view of project costs; our initial appraisal costs must withstand the scrutiny of design development and still be intact at final account. For this reason, we know that what’s not shown on the drawings is just as important as what is.

Our professionally qualified chartered Quantity Surveyors deliver cost management services both for building and M&E systems across commercial development schemes, including complex mission critical projects such as data centres and headquarters building infrastructure.


From the early RIBA project stages, clients want to know, based on the information available/ current status of design – ‘what will their scheme cost?’. We can provide the answer using industry or precedent data for ‘order of cost’ estimating to full elemental cost planning using unit rates as the detail develops.

Pre contract

Pre-contract cost control is one of the most challenging aspects of the cost manager’s role. Significant costs can be added at the stroke of the architect’s or engineer’s pen. As the cost planning process progresses, our QS’s role is to ensure it does so in the context of the developing design. For this reason, our QS’s attend design meetings to ensure that our cost planning always keeps pace with the evolving design and the cost implications of design change gets recognised first hand and captured as the design develops. 

We ask the following questions of our client from the outset –

  1. The client’s attitude to cost, time, value, quality aspirations and risk
  2. What is the clients budget – are we designing to a cost, or costing the design
  3. Understands which costs we are managing versus monitoring?
  4. Clarity about costs we are: a) managing b) monitoring c) including/excluding


As part of pre-contract discussions, getting the procurement strategy right saves time and money and apportions risk effectively. We work with clients to understand their individual attitudes to risk, programme, quality and cost and we appraise market /suitability and responsiveness and facilitate in selection of the best contract and contractor to do the project. We are familiar with running robust tender process – evaluation and recommendation of the most suitable contractor.

We can assist our clients in developing global procurement agreements with suppliers to efficiently and effectively source long lead items of plant and equipment. Long term supply agreements often realise monetary value over their duration.

Post contract

Sound briefing to the design and client team provides a shared understanding of cost and can consequently minimise the need for post contract change. Where optioneering or change does arise, the cost implications are evaluated swiftly by our QS’s. This ensures that the costs of change are tracked, and where authorised by the client agreed with the contractor(s) on a rolling basis. These costs are reported to the client at a frequency chosen by them, usually monthly (but depends on project duration) providing a projected final account plus full project out-turn cost.