Design Management

Design management is one of the most important functions of a project. sineQN work with all the design disciplines such as architects, mechanical & electrical engineers, structural engineers and commissioning engineers to ensure that all disciplines are integrated and working collaboratively to best realise project objectives.

We do not design and we are not designers. We manage the design process which is carried out by our technical project managers.

Our design management team is made up of diversely talented and qualified individuals who support a broad spectrum of industry sector clients across multiple geographies.

sineQN takes ownership of the client design team and the committed deliverable. We have a proven track record in successfully integrating into existing teams.

Our design management process is based around the following:

  • Supporting and advising client strategy and direction
  • Implementing design strategy
  • Providing leadership and guidance
  • Developing and managing design programmes
  • Management of design resource planning
  • Managing collaboration and communication between design disciplines
  • Providing a platform and reporting process for design progress and status
  • Implementing and managing the design programme
  • Managing the design options process
  • Managing the change process