Project Information Management

The accuracy, detail, timing and communication of information on projects is a key component of a successful project; and the trained use of appropriate technology is an enabler for managing this information.

Technology is under-utilised in the construction project delivery world and sineQN carry out research and trials of new technology as a means of benefitting the whole construction delivery process. The trend in the industry is becoming “design to operate” using the same technology platform in the design as used in the ultimate operation of the facility.

SineQN utilise both proprietary cloud platform software as well as our clients own project management software where required, whether this be for a single location project or a multi-site roll out.

Big data is having a positive impact and evolving the way in which projects are managed, essentially improving accuracy and control.

Key components of sineQN’s approach and management of information include:

1. Measured, appropriate and easy to access systems

2. Real time reporting

3. Prioritisation of relevant and accurate data

4. Links to project control tools and metrics

5. Key metrics readily available for senior management

6. Identified “owners” of key data

7. Cross discipline information dependencies

8. Compliance with ISO27001 (Information security management)

9. Secure access and user level control

10. BIM compatible

11. Point-in-time availability of information

12. Data storage and archiving

We tailor project information management to the type and complexity of the project as well as client preferences. The project information we manage links into our project control tools which facilitate optimal project and cost management of major projects.