The aim of any sustainable construction project is predominantly to reduce the environmental impact of a building over its entire lifetime, whilst optimising the economic viability and the comfort and safety of the occupants.

The latest sustainable developments and innovations are something we constantly monitor at sineQN. We have a proud track record in driving the entire project team to deliver the highest possible sustainable and environmental ratings that can be achieved. We continually review/appraise the latest technology journals and discuss the practical feasibility of the latest energy efficiency innovations with a broad spectrum of consultants.

The key to achieving the best results is to promote an early commitment from both the client and the design/construction team members. This includes integrating the current technologies with a remit to strictly monitor and reduce the environmental impact and increase sustainability for as many aspects as possible. This also includes an optimum operational commitment from the client and the facility management team once the building is complete.

While standard building practices are guided by short term economic considerations, sustainable construction should be based upon best practices which emphasise long term affordability, quality and efficiency. At each stage of the life cycle of the building, it increases comfort and quality of life, while decreasing negative environmental impacts and increasing the economic sustainability of the project. A building designed and constructed in a sustainable way minimises the use of water, raw materials, energy, land etc. over the whole life cycle of the construction.

Furthermore, with the implementation of any sustainability measures or latest energy saving technology, there has to be full confidence with the operational reliability and how cost effective it actually is in both the long and short term. This is something that needs to be established during the feasibility stage.

sineQN achieve up to LEED Platinum and BREAAM Outstanding certifications on our “clients’ projects”

We achieved BREEAM Outstanding (post-construction) on a major UK data centre (new-build). Some of the key aspects and innovations deployed were:

  • Innovative use of free cooling adiabatic coolers that do not utilise any form of mechanical cooling (i.e. refrigerant/compressor) and only the external ambient conditions to provide chilled water to serve the building.
  • We instigated a commitment from the client to carry out seasonal commissioning post PC to ensure the building continually operates as efficiently as it possibly can.
  • Strict control of environmental management during construction by setting the lowest targets as feasibly possible and ensuring the full commitment from the contractor i.e. continual metering/monitoring of energy and water consumption
  • Responsible sourcing of material/delivery and waste generation/disposal
  • Rainwater harvesting to used solely to provide water to the adiabatic cooling system
  • Mitigation of the ecological impact of the site by imposing the need regular evaluations to be carried during construction and post PC i.e. ensuring there is suitable land management/control with addition of various wildlife habitats, woodland and foliage management, planting of trees/hedgerows etc.
  • The building does not discharge any foul drainage into the local drainage system, we have constructed a series of ecological swales around the building perimeter that filter any foul waste generated and discharge in the adjacent brook.
  • We helped set up a series of ecology based events within the local community