Technology is providing the property and construction industry with opportunities to improve the efficiency and therefore cost of building and facilities projects. sineQN’s approach is one of an early adopter and we are partnering with various technology organisations to help develop solutions to improve the efficiency of the design, construction and operational phases of projects.

One of sineQN’s niche areas of expertise is the ability to act as an interface between construction and technology, ensuring that both disciplines are streamlined and integrated, allowing an optimal delivery of complex technology related projects.

The languages spoken by construction, engineering and technology professionals differ. sineQN help to promote a common understanding of project objectives by communicating and collaborating between disciplines.

As well as managing construction projects with a significant technology component, sineQN also carry out technology commissions, including the planning, integration and deployment of technology in buildings; as well as in technical facilities, comms rooms, technology labs, edge and major data centres. We can manage the migration of equipment, services and people into new facilities.

Our work in the field of technology includes the following:

  • The build and fit-out of data centres, NOC’s, control rooms, technical office spaces, including installation of all IT, voice, AV and security elements
  • Integration of technology components with other services (BMS, security, BIM, MEP systems, IT and networks etc.) across construction and fit-out projects
  • The selection, design, planning, implementation, integration and testing of smart building systems
  • Migration of data centres and other technical facilities
  • The implementation of DCIM systems with associated processes