Who are we?

Our practice was founded in January 2007 and quickly progressed into a leading technical project management service, working on some of the most significant data centre and mission critical projects in the EMEA region. Since inception sineQN has worked for global corporates and the world’s leading technology and operating companies. Over the last two years we have expanded our services to provide an eco-system that is focussed on the performance and value of data centre and mission critical assets. From site identification and development solutioning, to block-form solutions to software applications; sineQN ensures both an accelerated design & construction process as well as lower operational costs; which is demanded by owners in the increasingly complex and competitive field of providing IT capacity.


Who are the Team?

Owners Gavan Mackenzie (CEO) and Mark Ruff (CTO) partner with our clients and lead the teams on all commissions. The firm utilise external professional resource that is specialised and experienced in the fields we work in, resource that is proven over many years. It is these relationships that provide sineQN reach across the FLAP market and EMEA and LATAM regions.


Extensive experience delivering projects on constrained sites and in remote locations

Whether managing a mission critical project on a subterranean city centre site, or in the extreme temperatures of the Nordics, or airside at a major airport, sineQN has experience across a diverse range of sites in many countries, where we have developed a wide network of expertise and resource.


Gavan Mackenzie, Managing Director

Mark Ruff, Chief Technical Officer