Our Services

sineQN offers data centre and mission critical services in the following areas


+ Strategy & Development Management

sineQN have worked on behalf of owners and occupiers on some of the largest data centre developments in the sector, from initial business case and site identification, through to design, construction, commissioning and occupation, in a variety of countries.

We have led the negotiation, agreement and contract documentation process on GBP100M+ development agreements.

Our established relationships with the design and construction community, plant and equipment suppliers, and specialist suppliers allows us to procure and implement the whole development delivery process.

We add value through our knowledge of technical and commercial performance levels for projects. From build cost and programme, to operational costs, power costs and rental revenue, sineQN are very focused on what owners need to achieve.

+ Project & Construction Management for Data Centres and Mission Critical Facilities

Listening to our client, we develop the project brief and a delivery strategy to satisfy their business requirements; and we manage the process from inception to completion.

We work on various types of mission critical projects from new-build and live upgrade data centre projects, to critical infrastructure in headquarters buildings, to complex logistics and high security facilities.

+ Site identification for New Development

sineQN offer a site identification service to assist the owner development process, principally for hyper-scale data centre and campus schemes, due to the increasing market demand for capacity. We assess sites from a long term asset perspective and advise on the scale and performance of developments for each site.

We source and select potential development sites based upon technical and timing needs. Our site finding service utilises our experience of large industrial sites and skill sets in delivering technical projects. We have an established team of local partners across EMEA and LATAM whom we work with to source sites.

+ BIM/iBMS Solutions for Projects and Operational Requirements

As part of sineQN’s drive to maximise the performance of technical real estate for owners we provide advisory services to assist in the development and deployment of Smart Technology within critical facilities.

The implementation of a Smart Technology building is about establishing the key fundamental building blocks of standardized information during the design stages.

sineQN provides expertise so that team efforts can be focused quickly on building a 3D BIM that can be used not only for construction but also to drive iBMS and other operational management systems. This allows for all the BIM benefits to be fully utilised within operations, including; self-commissioning, digital twins and virtual operational training platforms.

+ Due Diligence, Surveys & Reporting, Feasibility Studies

Due Diligence

We provide a range of independent technical and commercial services to investigate the condition / status / legal standing of sites, buildings, installations and contractual scenarios. We provide this service across the EMEA and LATAM regions and work with our local partners where local technical knowledge is key.

Surveys & Reporting - sineQN carry out the following types of surveys and reporting:

Building, site and land surveys · Independent monitoring and reporting on project progress and issues · Peer reviews · Cost reviews and forensic cost analysis · Technical investigations and resolution · Project compliance with Employer’s Requirements and contract documentation

Feasibility Studies - sineQN carry out feasibility studies for a range of potential projects and programmes in the EMEA region. We utilise our in-house expertise and where required we bring in our external partners for specific geographical or other expertise. We have carried out studies on new development projects; rationalising global real estate portfolios; and comparing the cost, programme and technical advantages of different design options.

+ Risk Management

sineQN’s risk management programmes help to raise awareness with business leaders and managers so that mitigation measures can be addressed in full by the wider team.

Whether we are preparing a report or delivering a project, risk management is a tool that has proven to be invaluable in predicting and averting potential issues that would otherwise have significant cost, programme or other implications. Through risk management we can:

· Benefit business performance · Avert business interruption and losses · Control outcomes · Add to certainty · Mitigate potential failures · Raise awareness as to potential issues · Provide a basis for accurate reporting