sineQN provides bespoke and first-rate advice, guided by an owner’s business objectives. We are focused and agile and you will see business acumen and entrepreneurial flair in our solutions, resulting in market advantage.



Development Site Identification

Based on an owner’s technical drivers, sineQN work with their local teams to identify potential development sites, both on and off-market across the EMEA region. We prepare detailed technical reports on potential sites and buildings to assess their suitability relative to requirements.

“We identify and unlock sites across Europe that satisfy the exacting requirements of an owner’s scheme – providing a bespoke data centre focused service”


Strategy & Development Management

sineQN provides strategic advice around the delivery of mission critical facilities as well as a full development management service. We have deep technical and process expertise across the development spectrum. Environmental and sustainable performance are key components of our approach.

“Our core expertise is taking mission critical projects from strategy stage to operational sites. We deliver on fast-track construction and industry leading €/MW economic solutions”


Hyperscale Modular Procurement

To achieve fast-track and economic build targets sineQN are focused on pre-fabricated modular/sled based energy and cooling solutions utilising block-form construction and distribution topology. This technology delivers the greatest benefits for hyperscale projects (30MVA+), but the same technology principles can realise significant economic benefits for smaller edge data centre solutions.

“The industrialisation of off-site modular production is key to increasing build capacity and economies of scale in the data centre sector”


Integrators of BIM/iBMS Technology

sineQN design management starts from establishing the BIM objectives that are needed to drive BMS and FM management systems. This enhances the deliverability and operability of mission critical facilities. We have developed and are continuing to develop this technology to:

  • Reduce design and construction schedules and focus design team resources

  • Manage self-commissioning modular plant & equipment

  • Utilise AI

  • Create a digital twin for every facility

  • Develop operational training programmes and simulations for operational FM staff

  • Allow enterprise level management of global real estate technical assets

  • Reduce whole life asset management costs and physical intervention

“BIM is generally underutilised in the mission critical sector. We understand its capability and can exploit it to its full potential. This reduces construction schedules and costs as well as delivering integrated operational and asset management solutions at facility handover”


Resourcing & Geography

sineQN have technical partners in various consulting and construction disciplines right across the EMEA region. Through our long-term local partner relationships we can provide substantial in-country resources to support mission critical procurement.

“Our long term international partnerships enable us to deliver a bespoke service and technical solutions locally, throughout EMEA”


Please contact us to discuss your development and project aspirations

Mark Ruff, Chief Technical Officer

Gavan Mackenzie, Managing Director